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In-depth coding — everything a developer needs to know about accessible HTML

In-depth coding — everything a developer needs to know about accessible HTML

Go beyond the surface of accessibility. Experience everything that you have always done wrong in your code and open your eyes to the world of accessible code. In this course, you will experience and see how and why your code is broken and learn how to fix it. We will equip you with the most important skills you need to navigate the sea of accessibility requirements.


  • The most common accessibility challenges on a technical level: examples and demos
  • Accessibility in different phases of the development process
  • Accessible semantic HTML
  • How to make accessible forms and interactive components?
  • The basics of ARIA technology
  • Testing by yourself

Target audience

Coders, developers, UX unicorns and anyone who has anything to do with HTML or front-end

Skills required

The course "Basics of accessibility" or similar skills

Participation options

Remotely through Teams.


Your coaches for this course

Avaava akatemia tiimi - Valtteri Järvinen

Valtteri Järvinen

”Understanding and know-how go hand-in-hand in the building of a barrier-free and accessible world. Without understanding, you don’t know what you are working towards, and without know-how, you can’t achieve what you are working towards.

Valtteri is an Accessibility Expert and UX specialist at Avaava. Valtteri’s interest in technology and how it works spans many years and he has robust experience in coding and a degree in the interaction between humans and technology. With this background, Valtteri goes beyond the surface as he observes accessibility in the network of different technologies and applications. In his spare time, Valtteri enjoys exercising, delving into his nerdy hobbies, cooking and crafting.

+358 50 538 1783

Avaava akatemia tiimi - Senni Hirvonen

Senni Hirvonen

“Accessibility, barrier-free design and social inclusivity all have the same objective: to make it possible for everyone to flourish and be well.”

Senni is an Accessibility Expert and expert by experience. Studies in special education and social pedagogy, congenital blindness and vast expertise in the field of disability services make Senni a versatile and impressive trainer who has seen a lot.

+358 50 496 1248