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Our comprehensive course catalogue includes various topics, such as accessibility of digital services and the physical environment, as well as inclusive design. Let’s make our society more equal and welcoming for us all!

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Explore our course catalogue and choose the course or lecture that suits your schedule and your preferred training method. Our course events are hands-on and we employ a wide range of methods. We also offer free events, lectures and training sessions.


The content of our course events is prepared by professionals and is up to date and easy to take in. Our coaches are certified and experienced specialists. Course participants learn through experimenting and doing. When you learn, you understand more. When you understand, you can improve!


Our course catalogue has options for both those with experience and those who are starting from the basics. Our training helps you grow as a person, develops your professional skills and expands the knowledge within your company. By increasing your skills, you will also be better equipped to serve your customers.

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In-depth coding — everything a developer needs to know about accessible HTML

In-depth coding — everything a developer needs to know about accessible HTML

Go beyond the surface of accessibility. Experience everything that you have always done wrong in your code and open your eyes to the world of accessible code. In this course, you will experience and see how and why your code is broken and learn how to fix it. We will equip you with the most important skills you need to navigate the sea of accessibility requirements.

12:00 - 16:00
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